Still think health is just about food and exercise? Think again!

Your social connections, stress management, the freedom to do what you want in life, and your life's purpose are extremely important as well.


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Week 1 -
Social Connections

Did you know that building the right social life adds more than a decade to your life? Seems kind of important for health, right? And yet, most health advice ignores this step...

Week 2 -
Chronic Stress

Chronic stress slowly kills you--and modern society prevents you from relaxing. Learn how to relax again, to lower (chronic) stress, AND to get more done!

Week 3 -
Minimalism And Possessions

Learn why accumulating more and more possessions - such as a new car or house - can actually hurt your overall health. Materialism limits the extent in which you're free to de-stress or socialize.

Week 4 -
Life Purpose

Life purpose depends on your personality. Learn your personality type, and discover how to align your life's purpose, social connections, lifestyle, and leisure with who you are.


Each lesson consists in a video lecture, combined with a long blog post explaining everything you need to know about the topic.

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Learn why:

  • building the right social life is almost as important as the diet you eat
  • loneliness is detrimental to your health
  • you need to find your unique "ultimate form of relaxation"
  • disconnecting from all technology once in a while is healthy - and how to successfully implement disconnect periods into your life
  • having an income is good for your health, but you shouldn't go overboard
  • de-cluttering your life will make you healthier and happier
  • a minimalist lifestyle can greatly improve your ability to get healthier
  • spending more and more money on possessions makes you both unhappier and unhealthier
  • your unique personality determines what career you should pursue, what types of friends to have, and your unique life's purpose
  • and much, much more...

Again, the course is 100% free. You've got nothing to lose, and may gain massive benefits to your health.


The social and cultural presuppositions of heath are rarely discussed

And yet, humans are called "social" animals.

It's not surprising that your social life and your overall lifestyle affect your health.

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I saw that many online courses about health ignored the very fundamental social and cultural aspects related to health - and therefore decided to create this free course.

I don't know. 

There's just one way to find out. This is not course that's very heavy on science, even though all the course material is built on the latest science.

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You'll think more strategically about how you plan your life.

Planning your life does not only involve your life purpose, but also involves the people you associate with, how you tackle de-stressing and being productive, and what the role of possessions and income should play in your life.

Again, strategizing about this topic is not commonly done, even though it's an enormously important topic.

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