What if you could learn the most essential basic strategies to take care of your own health? 

What if the strategies I'm proposing don't cost any additional monetary investment at all? In other words, you can apply these strategies today and immediately:

  • Feel more amazing
  • Have increased energy
  • Sleep deeper
  • Gain phenomenal thinking ability
  • Improved fitness
  • Stronger immune system
  • Greater resilience against stress

My answer is "yes", at least if you start putting in the energy today.

What if applying these strategies will reap health benefits decades into the future?

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Watch my introduction video:




Or could you do better, and are you just barely getting through the day?

Let's find out:

Are you still tired when getting out of bed in the morning?

Do you have afternoon dips?

Is it hard for you to focus more than a few hours a day?

Do you crave coffee all the time?

Are you stressed-out almost every day?

Is it impossible for you to relax after a long day of work?

Do you have a feeling that life is moving by too quickly?

Are you in bad physical shape?

If the answer is "yes" to two or more questions, you're probably not in optimal health.

And even if you're doing good already you can probably do a lot better. Good is not good enough anymore, you want to do incredible...

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Everywhere I looked, health advice is oversimplified.

One group of "experts", for example, recommends dieting but ignore the negative health consequences of environmental toxins while being oblivious to meditation benefits.

Other experts focus solely on environmental toxins - posing toxins as the cause of almost all disease - while ignoring other important health strategies such as sunlight exposure or your 24-hour day and night rhythm.


Now you understand my choise for the word "foundation" - I consider every health strategy inside this course "foundational" to your health.

How does this Program work?.

I'll tell you: every week you'll receive one lesson plus weekly assignments. You'll have to actively engage with the course material to get benefits from this course.

There's no free lunch, and you'll have to put in (lots of) effort.


I'm Bart, and started my health journey fifteen years ago.

Back then, all I cared about was fitness, putting on more muscle, and looking lean. Five years ago, however, my goals radically changed...

I learned that I could use certain health strategies to improve my cognitive performance, how well I felt and slept, and my energy levels. I studied these strategies relentlessly. 

Between 2015 and 2017, I attempted what was the ultimate challenge for me: completing three Master's degrees at simultaneously. For that challenge, I needed extremely high energy levels and cognitive performance.

You might be thinking: "where are you going with this argument?"

It turns out that many of the strategies I've used to increase my overall health and performance are totally unknown by most people. 

You can learn that process, and benefit benefit, while cutting down the learning curve by 90%.

And instead of investing 10,000 hours (or more) to learn the theories behind these strategies, you'll only need 100 hours under my guidance.

During the Health Foundations Program, I'll be coaching you through that shortened process. I'll make you the hero of your life's story!

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Each week has a video lecture combined with readable text:


Learn why sunlight is absolutely essential to your health, how to implement sunlight in your daily life, and why society is stacked against you achieving this goal. Also learn about common mistakes almost everyone makes in their sunlight exposure.


90% of people in modern society have improper breathing patterns. By correcting your breathing, you'll immediately gain more energy, better sleep, more endurance, clearer thinking, and lower anxiety and stress.


Mantra meditation dissolves stress that accumulates in our bodies during every sessions. From that time, you'll begin to remove stress systematically. Why? In modern society sleep is not sufficient to completely reverse the accumulation of stress.


Exercising for half an hour or an hour a day - while sitting or standing the rest of the time - is a 1990s or 2000s approach. This unique and revolutionary movement strategy sets you up to keep moving gracefully into old age.


Society is stacked against you in terms of developing a healthy day and night rhythm. By optimizing your 24-hour day and night rhythm, you'll improve health across the board.


We're exposed to a ten- to  hundredfold number of toxins compared to our ancestors. You'll learn about the simplest mitigation strategies that prevent toxin exposure in the first place, as well as combating the accumulation of toxins.


You cannot understand how you should eat, move, or live, simply by reading hundreds of scientific studies. What you need to do instead is measure certain metrics to see how your unique body responds to certain health interventions. Learn what to measure and how to measure, and why measurement truly matters for improving your health.


Without cementing healthy behavior as a stable habit, you'll never get anywhere. Knowing you should get sunlight, or avoid toxins, does not automatically guarantee successful behavior. Instead, knowledge has to be applied. Learn how the previous weeks' lessons can stay with your for the rest of your life.

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1) A Facebook Group where you can ask questions, even after the program has finished.

2) Additional sources to further expand your knowledge - such the Health Foundations Diet.

 3) Accountability to double-check whether you really implement the proposed lifestyle changes.


If I have to teach all these techniques through 1-on-1 coaching, you'll literally have to spend 20-30 sessions with me to get all the strategies down.

Let's remain conservative and say you only need 20 sessions.

As I charge $150 dollars per sessions, 20 sessions would cost you $3.000 in total to learn the health strategies included in this program.

Through this program? Just $35 per week.

You'll thus spend less than a tenth of what you would otherwise spend on 1-on-1 coaching...

Of course, you can always get 1-on-1 coaching during this program if you want to if you want a more personal approach, and get all the details right. Combining 1-on-1 coaching with this course simply allows you to take a deeper dive into the same material.

You might be thinking:

"Can I learn this course's health strategies all by myself?" Of course! Simply commit to thousands of hours of research on the internet, and teach yourself this stuff.

However, I've already gone through that process for you, and I'm offering this course at a price of $35 per week. Add 1-on-1 coaching on top if you really want to dive deep.

My suggestion: there's no need to reinvent the wheel. Why? This course is your shortcut to greater health.

Consistently apply the course's exercises over the months, and you'll be set (for the rest of your life). Putting in a ton of work right now is the shortcut to the quickest results

And by the way: with this course, you'll no longer need to second guess yourself whether you're applying the strategies described above correctly.


You'll need effort to change your behaviors.

To be more precise: all of the behaviors (and finally: habits) I'll teach in this course require at least some effort to establish.

Effort, however, might not be the most important criterion determining whether you get results. An open mind is way more important:

To get great results with this course you're required to radically question some of the beliefs and behaviors you currently engage in.

This is an outside the box course, that teaches cutting edge techniques to improve your health. Your friends and family will probably have never heard from these strategies before.

You'll also need to question some assumptions about health:

Some things that you might assume to be true might turn out to be false. Some things you might currently assume to be false might contain an element of truth after all. Again, this program is totally different from anything else out there.

But let me return to the topic of mindset I just mentioned:

Only people who can change their belief system will change their behavior and establish the healthy habits this program promotes.

Don't expect very quick solutions, although very fast progress in your health is certainly possible.

You'll experience benefits from the first week. Making sure you get the most out of this program, however, necessitates that you actually practice many of the healthy behaviors during the rest of your life.

Of course, you can "sin" on your healthy behavior once in a while. I'm not saying you can never have unhealthy food again. What I'm saying instead, is that fundamentally unhealthy habits have to go.

You cannot engage in unhealthy habits on a daily basis.

This program is built to move you towards optimal health in the long-run. The upside is that many of the behaviors associated with optimal health are inherently pleasurable, so that you'll almost get addicted to the improvement this program brings you.

Yes, that's right...

Overall, don't sign up to this program if:

  • you expect results to come easy, with little change in behavior on your part
  • you want to take shortcuts, such a relying on supplements, or extreme dieting
  • you're unwilling to change your beliefs or behavior
  • you're not willing to take a long-term perspective for improving your health
  • you expect another 12-weeks extreme fat loss program
  • you think tons of exercise is going to change your health for the better

Do sign up if:

  • you want to work on your health not just for 8 weeks, but improve your health over your lifetime
  • you're willing to question everything you've learned about health
  • you want a different approach from all the strategies out there that aren't working
  • you're determined to improve your health - whether you're a newbie, or already a "health freak"
  • you just want to kick more ass in all areas of your life


Inside The Health Foundations Program:

Invest in your health today!

Most people lose tens of thousands - if not hundreds of thousands - of dollars over the course of their life to treat disease because they did not invest in their health previously.

Investing in your health is literally the best investment you can make.

Every dollar you spend on your health today, will give you a return on investment tomorrow. Why? If you eat poorly today, you'll feel worse tomorrow. And if you invest in your health today, you'll feel better tomorrow


If you apply the strategies from this 8-Week Health Foundation Program, you'll feel better and you'll be healthier for the rest of your life.

Choose for your health today so that you can keep improving your energy levels, resilience, stress tolerance, sleep quality, and well-being.

The healthy habits you learn in this course will add years to your life, and make many of these years healthier, happier, and more productive.

Sign up. It's a no-brainer:

Frequently Asked Questions

Many health programs only tackle a few dimension of health. Such programs might only look at diet or changing your exercise routine.

The Health Foundations Program, on the other hand, takes a broader approach: we'll tackle everything from sunlight exposure, to the light in your environment, toxins, exercise, and fundamentally de-stressing through meditation.

Think about it...

Every online health expert only teaches you a few strategies. Some experts are big on sunlight and diet, but might ignore the role of toxins and meditation. There are also meditation teachers who ignore the role of sunlight and diet.

The Health Foundations Program teaches all these strategies to you...

You pay once, and get it all...

A lot.

Applying the lesson's from the Health Foundations Program is going to change your entire life.

Some people are unprepared for big changes. If you are such a person, please don't buy my program.

Only buy my program if you expect to put in a lot of effort. The more effort you put in, the better the end results will be.

This course has eight different lessons.

"Why eight lessons?", you might ask.

I consider these eight lessons absolutely fundamental to your health. Miss one of these lessons, and you're doing an injustice to your health. 


I've made this program as short as possible, while still teaching you all the essentials.


Don't expect to be finished with improving your health after eight weeks though! 

Improving your health is a long-term process, and you the lessons I'm teaching you need to be applied continuously throughout life to reap all the benefits. Even though the program is eight weeks long, you're not finished improving your health after eight weeks.


You pay per week. 

Every week you pay $35, you get one lesson on Sunday.

If you cancel your membership, you retain the lessons you've paid for thus far.



Unless you know for certain that you've got all the toxin exposure in your life, meditation, sunlight exposure, your 24-hour day and night rhythm down, there are still improvements to be made.

Missing on of these areas will have consequences for your health. Dealing with all of these areas will always give you additional health benefits, even if you're already in good health.

It depends.

Please know that I'm not treating, diagnosing or give any medical advice. I do not replace any medical treatment.

What I'm doing instead, is giving you my interpretation of what the science says you can do to improve your overall health.

When you start to meditate, or get sunlight exposure, you'll increase your overall health, and your ability to prevent and deal with disease.

Again, I'm not claiming to diagnose or treat any disease. Instead, I'm giving you tools for overall health improvement.

You shouldn't buy this course if:

  • You're not willing to put in a lot of effort, either in the coming 8 weeks, but also afterwards
  • you're really bought into traditional ideas about food and exercise being all you need for improving health.

    This course integrates lots of outside the box thinking, which are nevertheless based on existing scientific studies. 

    Nevertheless, this course will make you question what's necessary for achieving optimal health.
  • you're an health expert, who's already read hundreds if not thousands of scientific studies on the subjects included in this course. I probably don't have anything new to teach you.

No, this is not necessarily a fat loss course.

The goals of this course are much broader than just fat-loss: improving your overall health.

Fat-loss, of course, can be part of a health improvement regiment. But overall, health improvement includes improving your energy levels, lowering your stress levels, making you less susceptible for disease, enhancing sleep quality, and much more.

You'll lose fat when implementing the health strategies of this course, but fat-loss is not the exclusive goal.

You don't need a science background.

All the weekly lessons are explained in very simple lessons. 

The only thing you really need is spend a few hours each week to read all the text, and listen to the weekly lecture. Engaging in the weekly assignments takes additional time.

All the information in this course is really simplified so that people with no science or health background can understand everything.

If you do like science though, I've included a few hundred scientific references in total in the entire course - being able to scientifically back up any claim I make.


If you've gone through the weekly assignments, asked for feedback, and if you've implemented all the advice I've given you, and you're not getting results, I'll return the full course fee to you.

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