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How Noise Pollution Slowly Degrades Your Health Without You Even Noticing (+Solutions For More Silence)

Aug 13, 2018


The first step in understanding any problem is being aware that there's something wrong in the first place.

With noise, most people assume that it's simply an annoying side issue--not a problem. And yet, noise is a societal problem. An enormous problem. In fact, noise is so omnipresent everywhere in society that it can be called "noise pollution".

Just like light pollution, air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution is another one of modern society's created side-effects that influences our health.

Before I dig into the health effects of noise and illustrate you how to deal with it, let's first try to understand how the problem originated in the first place.

I thus arrive at:

A short history of noise (pollution):

Many people think that noise only emerged at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution -  which took place in the late 18th and early 19th century. 

Back then, lots of labor shifted from working in agriculture to factory...

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Red Light Therapy: A Fountain Of Eternal Youth And Health?

Aug 04, 2018


Just as the sun at sunset you see in the picture above, the following red light therapy LED panels also emit both red and infrared light:

- PlatinumLED Therapy Lights BIO-450 R/NIR

(You'll more learn about red and infrared light soon).

And you know what?

The list of claimed red light therapy benefits is absolutely astounding - red light therapy: 

  • increases energy production during the day, and your sleep quality at night
  • reduces inflammation, which lies at the basis of many modern diseases
  • helps wound healing, lowers sensations of pain, and inhibits swelling
  • increase muscle gains and recovery in athletics
  • makes (possible) injuries heal quicker
  • helps your brain function at a higher level, especially if you've got a brain disease.
  • even helps your skin become healthier and look better, and can cause your hair to regrow.
  • has no problems with skin issues such as acne, cellulite, or psoriasis either.

Too good to be true?

Not really!

It turns...

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Conquer (Chronic) Stress: The Ultimate Guide To Stress Relief.

Jul 24, 2018


Stress makes me think about the 1987 movie Hellraiser:

"Angel to some, demon to others"

Although the context of that phrase was very different in that movie, applied to the concept of "stress", it's very true. Stress can build you up or bring you down.

In this blog pots, we'll explore to what extent stress is beneficial, and to what extent it's not. We'll also look at different types of stress. Not all types of stress are created equal.

Firstly there's biological stress.

Biological stress included getting sunlight, fasting, exposing your body to cold and heat, exercise, and red light therapy. If you apply these types of biological stress in the right way, they inhibit your health in the short-term for which your body compensate by becoming stronger in the long-term.

If you're healthy, you'll need biological stress to become more resilient, live longer, age better, kick more ass, be stronger, and help avoid modern disease.

You'll also ruminate less...

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Rethinking Magnesium: Why You're Deficient And Need To Supplement

Jun 09, 2018


Do you want to know something amazing?

What if I told you there's a simple mineral that can:

  • slash your chances for heart disease, diabetes, and depression
  • make you less anxious and stressed
  • improve your sleep quality
  • upgrade your mood
  • make you more resilient
  • help you think and physically perform better

And what if you could gain these benefits for pennies a day? That proposal is a no-brainer right?


The mineral I'm talking about is magnesium.

Even though magnesium is inexpensive, 60% of people are magnesium deficient in modern society. The problem doesn't even stop there: many more people - an estimated 90% - don't have optimal magnesium levels. 

That means almost everyone can benefit from consuming more magnesium.

But why did that problem arise in the first place?

There are several reasons why people in modern societies are deficient in magnesium:

  1. we have to work a lot to afford the basic necessities of life, and we're under a lot of daily stress....
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Cannabis: CBD (Oil) And THC For Health?! The Scientific Verdict (2018)

May 19, 2018

Blog Post Summary:

Since a few years, cannabis-based products such as cannabidiol (CBD) oil have become really popular.

CBD is one of the most commonly known "cannabinoids". 

Cannabinoids are compounds that stem from cannabis plants - such as hemp or marijuana. More than 100 different cannabinoids have currently been identified. Cannabinoids are used to make cannabis-based products, such as CBD oil for consumption, or CBD wax, which can be vaped.

Not all cannabinoids in existence have not been thoroughly studied yet.

The goal of this blog post is to explain to you which effects of cannabinoids have currently been scientifically proven to exist. In other words, the blog post places less emphasis on personal experiences that people have.

You might be asking: "how do cannabinoids work in the first place?"

If you ingest cannabinoids from plants, they act on the cannabinoid system of your body.

Yes, your body has its own cannabinoid system. 


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How To Be Happy: Why Health Is Essential In The Pursuit Of Happiness

Apr 28, 2018


Many people are striving towards accumulating ever more possessions - hoping that material wealth will make them happy. These people also think that success brings happiness.

Reality shows that the relationship between happiness and income works the other way around:

Happiness makes you successful. 

Health plays a major role in realizing that happiness. Improving your health will thus make you both happier and more successful.

This blog post claims that a signalling substance in your brain - called "dopamine" - plays an essential causal role in health, success, social relationships, and happiness.

Dopamine allows you to "have it all". 

If you have high dopamine levels in your body, you'll experience improved critical thinking, more well-being, better health, an improved ability to generate income, and superior social functioning.

Without dopamine, it becomes progressively harder to maintain your health, income, and happiness.


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Beat Insomnia. Everything You Need To Know About Sleep Quality.

Apr 14, 2018

Are you chronically sleep deprived? Do you snore? Is sleep apnea killing your nights?

You might be lucky instead.

Your sleep problems may not be that bad. You're just taking 2 hours to fall asleep every night. After waking up at at 7:00, you're feeling groggy. Then you have to go to work...

In all these instances, your sleep quality is (too) low.

Low sleep quality means you won't regenerate and recover during the night. Without recovery, you'll feel bad and age quicker. 

You should wake up refreshed instead - ready to conquer the day. Fortunately, I have solutions:

Even if you have serious sleep problems, this blog post can help you improve your sleep quality.


Almost everyone is making mistakes in managing their sleep. That means that almost everyone can improve their sleep as well.

50 Sleep Tips To Prevent Insomnia And Sleep Deprivation.

*Post can contain affiliate links. Read my affiliate, medical, and...

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Mitochondria: Why Your Cells' Functioning - And Not Genetics - Determine Disease

Apr 01, 2018

Let's look at some health figures of the 2012 to 2015 period. 

In the US, diabetes cost $245 billion dollars a year.[3] Cancer added another $135 billion.[5] 

On a worldwide basic, heart failure cost $108 billion dollars a year.[4] Diabetes cost $1.5 trillion. Dementia? $818 billion.[28]

Those figures are even higher now. 

What's even worse? Many people die prematurely because of these diseases. In part, they die because they think these diseases are inevitable - believing that their genetics cause these diseases. Generics may not be the main reason these diseases develop at all, however.

Why Mitochondria - Your Cells' Energy Factories - And Not Your Genetics, Are To To Blame For Most Disease 

*Post can contain affiliate links. Read my affiliate, medical, and privacy disclosure for more information

You're probably acquainted with the concept of DNA and genetics. You know that you inherit certain traits...

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Vitamin K: Why You're Deficient (And What To Do About It)

Mar 23, 2018

When important Vitamin K2 studies came out fifteen years ago, almost no-one knew about this substance.

Times are changing slowly. As of today, still very few people know about vitamin K2's importance.

My goal is to change that.

In this article, you'll learn about vitamin K2's benefits, and how to optimally consume it through your food. I'll also tell you about vitamin K2 deficiency, and possible supplements.

If you have problems with your bones, teeth, or if you have heart disease or diabetes, this blog post is especially recommended to you.

Vitamin K2 is found in eggs, (organ) meats, cheese, butter, and fermented soybeans. Vitamin K1 is plant based, and does not have vitamin K2's health benefits.

Vitamin K2: Deficiency, Benefits, Foods, Supplements. Everything You Need To Know.

*Post can contain affiliate links. Read my affiliate, medical, and privacy disclosure for more information

You probably know that you need vitamin D and...

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The Ultimate Bone Broth, Gelatin, and Collagen Protein Guide (2018+Reviews)

Mar 17, 2018

Bone broth, collagen, and gelatin, as foods, contain very distinguished proteins. 

You cannot get the benefits of these proteins by consuming any other foods.

In other words, it's impossible to get the benefits of bone broth protein, gelatin, or collagen, by eating fish, eggs, meat, grains, beans, legumes, shellfish, and other foodstuffs.

Here's why...

The Ultimate Bone Broth, Gelatin, and Collagen Protein Guide (Why Fish, Shellfish, Meat, And Eggs Are Not Sufficient For Your Protein Needs)

*Post can contain affiliate links. Read my affiliate, medical, and privacy disclosure for more information

Take a look at these people:

They are the Maasai tribe in Africa.

When they kill one of their domesticated animals, or a wild animal, what will they do? 

Will they limit themselves to eating the meat - made of the muscles (and organs) of the animal?


They use the entire animal. Using...

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