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Cold Water Immersion: The Unexpected Science

Apr 04, 2019

"Cold water immersion"?

What's that?


Cold tub therapy.

Or sitting inside an ice bath...

You may think: "are you freakin' insane?"

Not at all...

This 12,000-word guide looks at which claims in relation to cold water immersion are science-backed--and which are not.

For years gurus have been saying that cold water immersion melts fat quicker than ice cream laying in the sun, become superhuman after skinny dipping in ice three times, and promises that you'll sleep like a baby at night.

And you know what?

There's truth to these statements. 

Some truth. 

Scientifically validated benefits of cold tub therapy do include increased fat loss, deeper sleep (in all likelihood), well-being improvements, and pain reduction.

Throw in increased workout performance, better circulation, more control of hunger, and slower aging on top of that, and you think you've found the fountain of eternal youth and health.

And yet, these benefits don't come...

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Extraordinary Infrared Sauna Benefits: The Ultimate Guide

Mar 19, 2019


Let me give you three choices:

First, spending a 10-day summer holiday to the beach in your home country.



Option two: an amazing holiday in Africa: 5,000 bucks.

And thirdly, having a holiday every night for the rest of your life? You'd think you'd pay millions for that deal, but you'll only spend $1,000 - $5,000.


Yes, really...

That third choice involves buying an infrared sauna. One of the infrared sauna benefits is that you become shockingly relaxed. 

For $1,000 bucks, you'll thus return to that holiday feeling whenever you want. 

And don't get me wrong...

Infrared sauna benefits extend much further than just feeling good:

You'll upgrade your brainpower, slow down the aging clock, have a natural means to deal with pain, get smooth(er) skin, remove decades of toxins from your body (over time), improve energy levels, boost heart health, and much more...


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Food Addiction: Why Junk Food Is A Drug (+Mastering Self-Control)

Feb 21, 2019

Blog Post Summary

Let's call a spade a spade...

What spade?

Fast food.

Junk food.


Unhealthy snacks.

"Convenience" food.

Processed food.

Highly palatable food.

Hyperpalatable food.


Whatever you want to call these "foods" - they're all the same

My claim in this blog post is that these "foods" should be categorized as drugs, and that food addiction directly depends on the consumption of these foods.

Of course, I'm not claiming fast food should be envisioned to be a drug as dangerous as heroin or cocaine.

I'm not that stupid...

My point is subtler: subsuming junk food is akin to smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol in terms of both addictive potential and health hazard.

And many more people than you'd think have a food addiction, because they're addicted to some extent, and harm their bodies by taking in these substances.

You may think: "are you out of your mind?!" Why consider food a drug?

Well, I'm not...

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Resting Metabolic Rate: Holy Grail Of Long-Term Fat Loss?

Jan 27, 2019

Blog Post Summary

Remember you were a kid?

Think about how many sins you got away with regarding your food intake. 

A bag of potato chips, a handful of cookies (okay, maybe two), and a few glasses of Coca Cola on top of that.

Maybe you even consumed those foods several times a week.

And what happened?


Absolutely nothing at all...

You didn't gain a pound of weight.

Instead, you looked great, just as you always did. Compare that image to when you got older...

Today you'll probably gain a few pounds by just looking at a bag of cookies. 

Going on a holiday for a week? 

Congratulations, you're now 10 pounds heavier. 

The holiday season?

Don't me started.

cookies and blueberries as an analogy of how many people gain weight by just WATCHING these foods
Sorry, I just made you gain weight...


So why is there such a massive discrepancy between how your body responds to food today compared to when you were young?


That difference can be explained by your "resting metabolic rate" or "basal...

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Iron, Angel Or Demon? Iron Deficiency, Foods, Lab Tests, And Overload

Jan 10, 2019


You may think:

"C'mon, ANOTHER mineral I need to care about?"

"You've been bugging me about how important magnesium and zinc are as well. Surely iron cannot be important ALSO?"

"You're fear mongering (yet again). If I JUST eat a high-quality diet, there's NO need to worry about getting iron deficient."

"Balanced diets automatically contain the right iron-rich foods."

"People on the carnivore diet consume lots of iron and they're very healthy. So no need to worry about excess iron either!"


Well, I'm telling you anyway (yes, I'm stubborn): iron can be a silent killer that you barely notice.

Smoking cigarettes and air pollution are similar in their effect: they damage you imperceptibly over an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and especially yearly basis.

Imperceptible damage is the worst damage, because you never correct for that kind of damage like you do when you cut your finger..

To get back to my point:

The main claim of this blog post is that...

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Are Tanning Beds Safe For Health? The Surprising Verdict

Dec 15, 2018


Tanning beds for health?!

You may think:

"You must be freakin' insane..."

"Everyone knows tanning beds are unhealthy"

"Tanning beds are only used for superficial cosmetic reasons"

"You'll age your skin and get cancer"

Sure, I get your sentiment...

Governments and health institutions have been cracking down on tanning beds for years. So answering the question "are tanning beds safe?" is kind of easy:

"The proof is that tanning beds are unsafe is devastating."

"No need to question recommendations on tanning beds: governments surely do their research".

"Over. Done. Next topic"

"Case closed."

But wait a sec...

There's a bit of a problem...

Should you always trust governments? 

Should authority not be questioned?

Should you reject the notion that governments always knows best?

I think you do...

Government act upon incomplete data all the time - sometimes even in the absence of any data.


Governments are allowing 5G networks to be...

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The Carnivore Diet: Unsustainable Fad Or Archetypal Human Diet?

Dec 07, 2018


Imagine you came across a deal that's too good to be true: a top-notch 2015 Mercedes car for just $5,000. 

Your response is probably going to be: "impossible, that car has hidden defects". Or: "I'm not stupid, a good car of that year costs at least $25,000"


I get it...

I would be very skeptical as well.

You buy the car and...

The thing drives great, and you're very happy with your purchase for 10 years!

I know you're surprised.

I would be too.

The carnivore diet's claimed benefits are somewhat similar to the previous car example...

Carnivore diet proponents make many radical claims: improved skin, sex drive, muscle mass, hormonal health, and sleep quality. 

No more cravings - ever.

Autoimmune conditions that vanish. A brain that works much better than on a plant-based diet.

15 years of pain that becomes manageable after two weeks on the carnivore diet. 

Throw reductions in body fat, anxiety and depressive...

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How To Survive The Horrific Health Effects Of Air Pollution

Nov 16, 2018


Air pollution...

You may think:

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger", right?

And: "If the health effects would be so bad, surely everyone would complain or do something?"

Not so fast...

The health effects of air pollution can be devastating.

In fact, air pollution's effects are so bad that millions of people die because of being exposed.

You may assume... "millions of people die every century"

"or ever decade?"


Every year...

Yes, that's right.

Every single year...

And sure, most air pollution deaths occur in developing nations, especially China and India.

But even in the developed world the effects are frightening. 

More bad news?

These circumstances are not about to change. Air pollution levels are projected to only half in 2030 (if you're lucky).

So what's the solution?

Take matters into your own hands - that's exactly what this guide on air pollution will help you do.

This guide is thus ...

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The Devastating Particulate Matter Health Effects (+Remarkable Remedies)

Oct 27, 2018


Let me introduce you to a very vicious killer on this planet: particulate matter. If you've never heard about particulate matter you should - let me tell you why.

In 2016, just over 100,000 people died because of armed conflicts.

Mortality because of particulate matter?

800,000 deaths are directly attributable to particulate matter, and 6.4 million people die sooner than they should because of the substance.

So let's consider the particulate matter health effects. Those statistics should tell you why particulate matter is not a side-issue.

If the numbers displayed above make you pissed, that's great...

I got the exact same response.

Contrary to what you've been told, it's not drinking alcohol that's killing you sooner, or not moving enough. Of course, drinking lots of alcohol and sitting on the couch all day does contribute to poor health, but particulate matter just as big if not a bigger problem.

Yes, I know you won't...

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Triumph Over Self-Esteem Battles, Kill Negative Self-Talk And Strengthen Your Health

Oct 13, 2018


Let me guess.

You might be thinking:

"Self-esteem, isn't that something you're born with?"

Yes and no.

You probably know of some people who have it all: they give a mind-blowing presentation on the fly, derive pleasure from the fact that difficult questions come up afterward, and then ask a co-worker out for dinner in front of the whole group.


I'm exaggerating a bit.

But still: you know people who have very high self-esteem right? And you know some people with low(er) self-esteem as well...

In fact, having very low self-esteem can be devastating for your life.

Think about all the opportunities you've missed because you hesitated, think about all the times you've sabotaged yourself because you thought you were "not good enough", and think about how often you're plagued about thinking back of these moments.

Simply put, without self-esteem life can be vulnerable.

I'm not preaching gloom and doom though.

My message is positive.

Even though...

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