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Why Everything You've Heard About Salt Is Wrong (Seriously) And How To Easily Manage Your Sodium Intake

Sep 29, 2018


"Don't put too much salt on those eggs honey"

Why mom?

"Grandpa's heart is damaged because he used salt every day. Eating salt will also destroy your kidneys".

O.K., I'll stop mommy...

Sorry for the theatrics. 

Fortunately, that conversation never happened.

My point is, however, that the conversation might have happened. Lots of people assume they should not add to their food. You might be too...

You must be thinking:

"Tough choice. I either choose to eat bland food that tastes like crap, or I'm eating mouth-watering salted food that destroys my health."

Not so quick...

Almost everyone is aware that there's a debate around salt. That debate focuses on whether you should add salt to your food and how much.

The salt debate has become more "violent" in the last decade.

So what's my take?

I'll tell you right now:

Just focusing on salt without having an overview of the bigger picture is a phenomenal mistake.

In this blog post I'll give you...

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Mindfulness Meditation: Paradise For Your Daily Life?

Sep 22, 2018


I know what you're probably thinking: mindfulness meditation?

You may assume:

"Mindfulness, that's just not for me."


"I cannot silence my mind".

Or you're assuming that mindfulness "is something spiritual people do"

Don't get me wrong.

You may learn to silence your mind with lots of meditation practice. And for some people, mindfulness is a spiritual practice.

But you don't have to be spiritual or able to calm your mind to start reaping the benefits. 

Of course, you can be spiritual but you don't have to be.

Even as a beginner mindfulness meditation can have immense pay off.

Mindfulness is like learning to ride your bike.

You might fail at first - and that's O.K.

And you'll learn eventually - which is the entire point of practice. And yes, learning to ride your bike may even be strange and scary at first...

Until you see how biking works, and then you're all pumped up. Finally you realize that everybody can do it......

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Zinc: Forgotten Mineral? Best Zinc Foods, Supplements, And Secrets.

Sep 01, 2018


That's boring...


Yes, zinc...

Zinc is another mineral, just like magnesium. I've written an extensive blog post on magnesium before.  

"Why should I worry about that complicated stuff, such as a mineral as zinc?"

Great question...

I'll tell you why:

Zinc is pretty easy to understand. And if you're taking in too little zinc, the deficiency is easy to fix.

Yes really.

Fixing that mistake deficiency can have huge benefits for your health (I'll tell you soon.)

Having mineral deficiencies is like having a problem with the software in your computer.

If you don't know how to fix that software problem, you'll spend hours upon hours fixing stuff.

And yet, an expert can simply tell give you a quick fix, even over the phone.

I'm like that for zinc - a "technician" who can give you easy-to-follow steps. Why? Well, treating (possible) mineral problems is the same as a software problem.

You just need to know the right steps.

So I'll tell you ...

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How Noise Pollution Slowly Degrades Your Health Without You Even Noticing (+Simple Solutions)

Aug 13, 2018


You know about noise (pollution) right?

If not, you would probably not be reading here...

Screaming neighbors. Fighting cats. Traffic. Overflying airplanes.

Or maybe there's just a specific sound that's really irritating for you. Maybe you don't like listening to Britney Spears - even at a low volume. Or perhaps you hate listening to Mozart or the Beatles.

Everyone hates certain sounds.

I'll tell all about you my "favorite" noise sources later on in this blog post.

And I'm also (too) acquainted what's happening with most noise pollution problems. The more you focus on the noise, the more irritating it gets.

I completely understand.

So what's the solution?

I'll tell you exactly what you need to know about reducing noise (pollution).

The first step in understanding any problem is being aware that there's something wrong in the first place.

With noise, most people assume that it's simply an annoying side issue--not a problem. And yet, noise is a...

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Red Light Therapy: A Fountain Of Eternal Youth And Health?

Aug 04, 2018


Some things sound to good to be true.

Red light therapy might be one of them. 

Or not?

Let me explain:

Some things are too good to be true, and yet, they're still real:

I've been told that getting your first child is too good to be true (I'm no expert there)

Finding the love of your life is the same. Graduating? Finding your dream job? Finally retiring with enough money?

All those instances are too good to be true and they still happen.

Then there's the change in people lives when they find out the effects (sun)light have on their health.

Enormous impact...


Over time, red light therapy can change your life. Sure, it's not like the heavens are opening up by using a simple device, but small changes over time the changes will have a dramatic positive influence.

So let me tell you about red light therapy:

Just as the sun at sunset you see in the picture above, the following red light therapy LED panels also emit both ...

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Conquer (Chronic) Stress: The Ultimate Guide To Stress Relief.

Jul 24, 2018


You probably know stress...

Maybe you're still thinking about:

  • a great love you once had?
  • how tuition for your kids?
  • what to do with your life?
  • the passing of a loved one?
  • a falling out with a friend?
  • how to ask someone on a date?
  • or how to successfully get through a date?

We all know stress in one form or another.

You do too.

There's lots of advice on stress out there.

You might have tried to follow some of that advice before:

  • "Just don't worry about your problem"
  • "Don't complain, everyone has stress"
  • "You'll be getting a heart attack with that much stress"
  • "Everything will be fine, just stop stressing"

And so forth...

And you know what? 

That's just bad advice. 

You cannot just stop being stressed.


Because (chronic) stress is like being unable to pass an exam. 

If I just tell you to study harder you'll probably keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

Stress is the same. If I tell you to relax, you might succeed for 20...

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Rethinking Magnesium: Why You're Deficient And Need To Supplement (Quick Fix)

Jun 09, 2018


Do you want to know something amazing?

What if I told you there's a simple mineral that can:

  • slash your chances for heart disease, diabetes, and depression
  • make you less anxious and stressed
  • improve your sleep quality
  • upgrade your mood
  • make you more resilient
  • help you think and physically perform better

And what if you could gain these benefits for pennies a day? That proposal is a no-brainer right?


The mineral I'm talking about is magnesium.

Even though magnesium is inexpensive, 60% of people are magnesium deficient in modern society. The problem doesn't even stop there: many more people - an estimated 90% - don't have optimal magnesium levels. 

That means almost everyone can benefit from consuming more magnesium.

But why did that problem arise in the first place?

There are several reasons why people in modern societies are deficient in magnesium:

  1. we have to work a lot to afford the basic necessities of life, and we're under a lot of daily stress....
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Cannabis: CBD (Oil) And THC For Health?! The Scientific Verdict (2019)

May 19, 2018

Blog Post Summary:

Cannabis for health?

"You must be kidding me?"

"Is that like claiming a bottle of wine per day is good for your heart?"

No, not at all.

I'm dead serious...

Quite the opposite:

Cannabis-based products such as cannabidiol (CBD) oil can be amazing for health, and have become really popular for that reason.

Don't get me wrong though...

Not everyone needs CBD oil. 

You may or may not need a cannabis-based product. 

But before I look at whether you need such products let's explore what CBD really is.

"CBD" is one of the most commonly known "cannabinoids". 

Cannabinoids are compounds that stem from cannabis plants - such as hemp or marijuana. More than 100 different cannabinoids have been identified.

These cannabinoids are used to make cannabis-based products. Examples of such products are CBD oil for oral consumption, or CBD wax which can be vaped.

Not all cannabinoids in existence have been thoroughly studied yet....

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How To Be Happy: Why Health Is Essential In The Pursuit Of Happiness

Apr 28, 2018


Many people are striving towards accumulating ever more possessions - hoping that material wealth will make them happy. These people also think that success brings happiness.

Reality shows that the relationship between happiness and income works the other way around:

Happiness makes you successful. Then becomes: "how to be happy?"

Health plays a major role in realizing that happiness. Improving your health will thus make you both happier and more successful.

This blog post claims that a signalling substance in your brain - called "dopamine" - plays an essential causal role in health, success, social relationships, and happiness.

Dopamine allows you to "have it all". 

If you have high dopamine levels in your body, you'll experience improved critical thinking, more well-being, better health, an improved ability to generate income, and superior social functioning.

Without dopamine, it becomes progressively harder to maintain your health,...

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Beat Insomnia Tonight: The 50 Most Remarkable Sleep Quality Tips

Apr 14, 2018

Are you chronically sleep deprived? Do you experience debilitating insomnia? Do you snore? Is sleep apnea killing your nights?

You might be lucky instead.

Your sleep problems may not be that bad. You're just taking 2 hours to fall asleep every night. After waking up at at 7:00, you're feeling groggy. Then you have to go to work...

In all these instances, your sleep quality is (too) low.

Low sleep quality means you won't regenerate and recover during the night. Without recovery, you'll feel bad and age quicker. 

You should wake up refreshed instead - ready to conquer the day. 

Fortunately, I have solutions. I'll tell you how to cure insomnia. 

Let's consider these amazing solutions:

Even if you have serious sleep problems, this blog post can help you improve your sleep quality.


Almost everyone is making mistakes in managing their sleep. That means that almost everyone can improve their sleep as well.


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