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Cannabis: CBD (Oil) And THC For Health?! The Scientific Verdict (2019)

May 19, 2018

Blog Post Summary:

Cannabis for health?

"You must be kidding me?"

"Is that like claiming a bottle of wine per day is good for your heart?"

No, not at all.

I'm dead serious...

Quite the opposite:

Cannabis-based products such as cannabidiol (CBD) oil can be amazing for health, and have become really popular for that reason.

Don't get me wrong though...

Not everyone needs CBD oil. 

You may or may not need a cannabis-based product. 

But before I look at whether you need such products let's explore what CBD really is.

"CBD" is one of the most commonly known "cannabinoids". 

Cannabinoids are compounds that stem from cannabis plants - such as hemp or marijuana. More than 100 different cannabinoids have been identified.

These cannabinoids are used to make cannabis-based products. Examples of such products are CBD oil for oral consumption, or CBD wax which can be vaped.

Not all cannabinoids in existence have been thoroughly studied yet....

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How To Be Happy: Why Health Is Essential In The Pursuit Of Happiness

Apr 28, 2018


Many people are striving towards accumulating ever more possessions - hoping that material wealth will make them happy. These people also think that success brings happiness.

Reality shows that the relationship between happiness and income works the other way around:

Happiness makes you successful. Then becomes: "how to be happy?"

Health plays a major role in realizing that happiness. Improving your health will thus make you both happier and more successful.

This blog post claims that a signalling substance in your brain - called "dopamine" - plays an essential causal role in health, success, social relationships, and happiness.

Dopamine allows you to "have it all". 

If you have high dopamine levels in your body, you'll experience improved critical thinking, more well-being, better health, an improved ability to generate income, and superior social functioning.

Without dopamine, it becomes progressively harder to maintain your health,...

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Beat Insomnia Tonight: The 50 Most Remarkable Sleep Quality Tips

Apr 14, 2018

Are you chronically sleep deprived? Do you experience debilitating insomnia? Do you snore? Is sleep apnea killing your nights?

You might be lucky instead.

Your sleep problems may not be that bad. You're just taking 2 hours to fall asleep every night. After waking up at at 7:00, you're feeling groggy. Then you have to go to work...

In all these instances, your sleep quality is (too) low.

Low sleep quality means you won't regenerate and recover during the night. Without recovery, you'll feel bad and age quicker. 

You should wake up refreshed instead - ready to conquer the day. 

Fortunately, I have solutions. I'll tell you how to cure insomnia. 

Let's consider these amazing solutions:

Even if you have serious sleep problems, this blog post can help you improve your sleep quality.


Almost everyone is making mistakes in managing their sleep. That means that almost everyone can improve their sleep as well.


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Mitochondria: Why Your Cells' Functioning - And Not Genetics - Determine Disease

Apr 01, 2018

Let's look at some health figures of the 2012 to 2015 period. 

In the US, diabetes cost $245 billion dollars a year.[3] Cancer added another $135 billion.[5] 

On a worldwide basis, heart failure cost $108 billion dollars a year.[4] Diabetes cost $1.5 trillion. Dementia? $818 billion.[28]

Those figures are even higher now. 

What's even worse? Many people die prematurely because of these diseases. In part, they die because they think these diseases are inevitable - believing that their genetics cause these diseases. Generics may not be the main reason these diseases develop at all, however.

If you're thinking: "mitochondria are the key to health, are you kidding me?", then my answer is a resounding yes...

Bear with me to find out about the surprising science of mitochondria... 

By the way, do you want some easy-to-implement tools to work on your health? Do you want to develop phenomenal mitochondria?


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Vitamin K: Why You're Deficient (And What To Do About It)

Mar 23, 2018

In fact, I'm not just talking about vitamin K, but about vitamin K2.

"Vitamin K2? Really?"

I get where you're coming from...

You might know about vitamin C, and vitamin D3 if you're really into health.

But vitamin K2?


That latter vitamin is very important...

In fact, I'm assuming that this vitamin will be considered just as important as the other ones over time. When important Vitamin K2 studies came out fifteen years ago, almost no-one knew about this substance.

Times are changing slowly.

As of today, still very few people know about vitamin K2's importance as well.

My goal is to change that.

In this article, you'll learn about vitamin K2's benefits, and how to optimally consume it through your food. I'll also tell you about vitamin K2 deficiency, and possible supplements.

If you have problems with your bones, teeth, or if you have heart disease or diabetes, this blog post is especially recommended to you.

Vitamin K2 is found...

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The Ultimate Bone Broth, Gelatin, and Collagen Protein Guide 2019 (+Reviews)

Mar 17, 2018

Bone broth, collagen, and gelatin, when considered as foods, contain very distinguished proteins. 

You cannot get the benefits of these proteins by consuming any other foods.

In other words, it's impossible to get the benefits of bone broth protein, gelatin, or collagen, by eating fish, eggs, meat, grains, beans, legumes, shellfish, and other foodstuffs.

If you're thinking: "so I've been missing out all these years!?" then you're correct.

Don't worry.

By including some bone broth, collagen, or gelatin in your diet your life will only get better.

We've all made mistakes in managing our health in the past. I have made many mistakes in the past as well. It's not making mistakes that's bad, but it's not correcting the mistakes that should worry you.

The bright side is that including some bone broth, collagen, or gelatin is extremely easy.

You can have life-changing health benefits while saving money.



Here's why...


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Cold Thermogenesis: Cold Showers And Ice Baths For Incredible Fat-Loss, Energy, Well-Being And (Mental) Performance

Mar 10, 2018

Cold showers. Ice packs. Cold therapy. Ice baths. Cold baths. These are all names for what is called "cold thermogenesis".

Cold thermogenesis means exposing your body to cold so that your body must heat itself.

If you're thinking: "are you crazy? Exposing myself to cold intentionally?", I admit I'm a bit crazy in this regard.

And yet, the benefits of exposing can be life-changing.


Let's go...

This blog post thus explains all the benefits you can get with cold thermogenesis methods - such as cold showers and ice baths.

Do you want even more cold thermogenesis methods? Receive a PDF with 3 additional methods:


(Last update March 24 2019)

*Post can contain affiliate links. Read my affiliate, medical, and privacy disclosure for more information.

Author: Bart Wolbers. Bart finished degrees in Physical Therapy...

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Why Vitamin D Supplements Won't Cut It (And Exposing Yourself To Sunlight's Ultraviolet Light Fixes The Problem)

Feb 24, 2018

I know what you're thinking: "Vitamin D supplements are used so widely."

"My aunt, my colleagues, many acquaintances are all taking vitamin D supplements..."

Yes, I know.

I hate to break it to you, but that choice is not optimal.

There's a much better option. The bright side is that the better option is 100% free.

In this article, I'll tell you why vitamin D3 supplements are not the best course of action if you want to achieve optimal health.

So why did everyone get this step wrong?

Simple: we sometimes collectively go in the wrong direction as humanity. 60 years ago, everyone was spraying DDT on their crops, until it was concluded that this pesticide does real harm to you.

The same is true for vitamin D supplements - Sunlight, specifically ultraviolet light, proves to be a much better option...


(Last update March 24 2019)

*Post can contain...

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The Ultimate Blue Light Filtering Glasses Guide

Feb 16, 2018


(Last update March 24 2019)

Sometimes it's difficult to distinguish insanity and cleverness.

This, for example, is me after sunset:

Bart Wolbers wearing red-tinted glasses

I must be weird? Or crazy? Or do I have a "secret" other people do not know about?

The answer is a resounding yes (to both questions)!

In that picture, I'm wearing what are called "blue-blocking glasses". 

I always wear these blue-blockers glasses after sunset.


Well, these glasses block all blue (and most green) light. In other words, blue and green wavelengths of light do not enter my eyes after sunset.

You're probably thinking "what are blue and green light?" And "why do I need to block blue and green light?"

Well, let me tell you about light.

When blue and green light enter your eyes, they have a huge impact on your biology. So light not only illuminates the room, but affects your body's biology as well.

Here's why...

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