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Let me tell you about Nature Builds Health, and what makes my website unique.

Don't get me wrong.

This website is not about me. 

This website is about you. 

You might have come to read this page to read about me, but you are the hero of this story.

It's important to realize hero needs to be healthy to live life at its best.

You cannot accomplish anything in life without health. 

Besides love, health is probably the most important thing in your life.

However, there's a big chance that if you're reading this website that you're struggling with your health. Alternatively, you might not be struggling, but you just want to improve your overall health.

You're not alone.

The sad truth, is that you're probably misinformed about health. Many people are. You might have been told that:

  • you need to exercise more to lose weight.
  • you need to eat 3-5 servings of grains each day.
  • sunlight is bad for your health.
  • it's o.k. to take melatonin supplements at night to sleep better.
  • stress is an inevitable part of modern life.

All of these statements are either half-true or absolutely wrong.

But what do I even mean with health? What I mean with health, is not just survival. I do not mean just existing. I do not mean just getting by. I want you to achieve optimal health. 

Optimal Health.

Optimal health means that you've got an excess. You've got reserves. You're ready to get started with the day. You're feeling that rush of excitement.

You've (literally) got excess energy.

How to know whether you're in optimal health? Answer these big picture questions: how do you sleep? How are your energy levels throughout the day? How well do you move? How do you feel? How is your immune system?

The answer should be "GREAT!".

If the answer to these questions is not "great", then you're probably not in optimal health.

Fortunately, I can help you on the right path. I can help you become the hero of your life's story that you were meant to be...

Let me introduce myself...

I'm Bart Wolbers, I'm in my early 30s, and I have been obsessed with improving my health for more than a decade.

Why can I help?

Because I've got decades of experience in finding natural solutions to modern health problems. Throughout the years, I've tried everything I can to move my health closer to optimal health.

By the way, I've finished degrees in Physical Therapy, Philosophy (BA and MA), Philosophy of Science and Technology (MSc - Cum Laude), and Clinical Health Science (MSc).

(Check my LinkedIn profile here.)

Due my extensive background, I've got the ability to really think outside the box on health issues. I've always been skeptical of what conventional medicine told me, but also very skeptical about alternative medicine - like a scientist should be. 

Most medicine thinks too much about the short-term solutions that are not always science-backed for my taste.

So, I mostly focus on optimizing your health in the long-term.

And justifying any advice with rigorous science...

Why think about your health in the long-term? 

If you're aiming for optimal health, you will also be in for the long-game. Optimal health is not a short-term solution that's easily achievable for most people.


  • Stress is often not cured in a day
  • You won't achieve your maximum fitness levels in a month
  • Insomnia is most often not beaten after making a few small changes
  • Losing lots of bodyfat in a healthy way cannot be done in a month either

And so forth..

Realize that if you're aiming for optimal health, you're in this for the long-term...

Aiming to achieve optimal health means being committed for the long-term.

So, how do I define "optimal health"?

Let's consider three stages of health that people generally experience.

These stages are just a conceptual tool for you to better understand health:

The First Stage of Health

In this first stage, you're either in optimal health, in very good health, or good health. I can help you very well in this stage, for example, by preventing you from getting sick in the first place. 

Realize that almost anyone in modern society can make improvements to their health.

In stage one, most of your time is focused on preventing disease, and making your health even better. I think prevention is massively undervalued. Investing in your health is one of the best investments that you can make in your life.

Investing in your health at this stage will pay off for the rest of your life.

The Second Stage Of Health

In this stage, your health will be average or poor. Fortunately, you're not dealing with a very serious illness (yet). 

You might be able to turn things around, to achieve good or optimal health. I'll help you get there. It will be hard, but will be worth it.

You should really prioritize health right now, before you end up in stage three.

The Third Stage Of Health

The third stage. No-one wants to end up here. But many people do.

People in this stage realize they should have taken care of their health too late.

Once you get ill, it's usually extremely hard to reverse that disease. If you're extremely ill, you're probably better off in a hospital. Illness not something I can (or may) help you with. I'm not a medical doctor, and I do not diagnose or treat disease.

I might be able to help you deal with the symptoms of your disease though. Whether I can help depends on your situation.

Why does almost everyone need to improve their health?

Remember that I said that health and love are the most important things in your life?

Forget love for now. I cannot help you with love. So let's talk about health. 

Health is the biggest asset you have.

The longer you wait with dealing with your health, the harder it will be to achieve optimal health.

When you're sick, the journey to optimal health will be longer than someone who's in average health. And when you're sick, your energy levels to deal with that sickness will be lower, compared to someone in average health.

What's my bottom line?

If you get sick, it becomes exponentially more difficult to return to optimal heath.

That's why you need to start taking care of your health right now:

Not tomorrow.

Not before the summer

Not after the summer parties are over.

Not after New Year's Eve.

Right now. 

My goal is to move you closer to optimal health.

How can I help you? 

I give you principles that help you improve your health. There's a lot of confusion around health. Because of that confusion you might:

  • feel insecure about how you can improve your health
  • not have the confidence to take action 
  • not be getting the results you want
  • not even know what health consists in (for example, running marathons or being a 300 pound bodybuilder are not healthy)

Let's consider an example of confusion

There's the widespread illusion that you need to exercise to lose weight.

For many people in our modern society, however, lots of exercise is a poor strategy. Most people in modern society are already stressed. Exercise just adds stress on top of existing stress.

Before exercising a lot, you need to lower stress first.

Simple daily strategies to lower stress might be:

And when you finally start feeling great, then start thinking about exercise. 

Overexercising is just one example of health mismanagement.

Almost everyone is making mistakes in managing their health.

Other examples of health mismanagement actions you might take are:

  • if you have heart disease, you might not be supplementing with magnesium, or manage your blood sugar properly
  • if you're a pro athlete, you might not know about red light, or the benefits of cold exposure
  • if you're a single mother with children, you might not know that eating too many grains will not move your children further away from optimal health

Dealing with simple mistakes can yield massive improvements. Let me give you one last example: sunlight.

You might have been told to avoid the sun almost completely.

Some expert might have told you that:

  • you just need a few minutes of sunlight a day during the summer
  • you need sunlight just for vitamin D
  • you can supplement with vitamin D and avoid the sun
  • a reddening skin in the sun is a bad sign
  • you need to wear sunglasses in the sun

All of these statements are dead-wrong. Not even scientific evidence supports these statements. 

You need a new approach. A new approach that uses nature - such as sunlight, meditation, breathing methods - to the maximal extent.

Whether you want to:

Lose fat

Improve energy levels

Sleep better

Look better

Feel better

Be physically stronger

Improve your thinking

Be less anxious

Live more

I can help. I promise. 

It won't be easy. It might even be pretty hard.

But I'll make it as simple and easy as possible. 

What thus makes my approach different from all the other "lose weight in 12 weeks" websites out there, is the long-term approach to health.

There will be no starvation diets, or exercise till you drop. 

Instead, we'll work on building strong health foundations.


If you need immediate help, first apply for my free course on improving health. If you like that course, apply for my paid 8-week Health Foundation Program, or 1-on-1 coaching with me. 

There's even a money-back guarantee.

I promise you that the steps I will give you are simple to understand. 

I'll help you re-balance:

As another option, you can also start reading my blog, and receive many free health tips. 




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